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Psychometric Assessment Test Question
Psychometric test can identifying individuals behavioral traits and competencies which will help to choose the right educational stream. How many of you have ever judged your personality, talent and skills? In today’s highly competitive society, judging your self-skills and improving your analytical ability are much important. They are those things that one utilizes in their daily lives as well as workplace. Our psychometric test online will help you analyse your skills and improve your analytical ability. What
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Best Interview questions candidate should ask at the time if interview
Best Interview Questions to ask at Job Interview All set to go for the interview? Have you brewed your queries to ask? Thinking of what are the best interview questions and answers? Yes, during interview it’s not only interviewer’s part to ask a question. Clearing out own queries is also much important and exhibit your knowledge and curiosity in the field. There is the possibility that as soon as the interview directed towards the end,
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Difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae
Difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae Some of people think the Resume and Curriculum Vitae are same, but exactly not like that they both have huge difference. In this article we are going to tell about that major difference between Resume & Curriculum Vitae. This article clears your all doubts and queries. The major difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae is that the size, format, content and others for example: The CV is long, covers
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Dress yourself at job interview
What is the first thing you observe before talking with a person you are meeting the very first time? You are right if you said personality or attire, as your attire says much before you even have utter a single word. The interviewing authority makes up a mind-set just with first glance he/she have on you. Because rest of the things they will come to know about you post interactions and discussions. But, your well managed attire with
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Hey! Aspiring to crack this interview? Are you struggling with the answer on question at the time of interview like “Tell me about yourself?” or advise on “How to introduce yourself?” Keep the following things in mind to crack the one. How to Introduce Yourself? Tell Me About Yourself at a Job Interview Many times interviewer ask this open ended question tell me about yourself! This allows interviewer to understand about you and your achievements
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