Tell Me About Yourself at a Job Interview

How to Introduce Yourself? Tell Me About Yourself at a Job Interview Hey! Aspiring to crack this interview? Are you struggling with the answer on question at the time of interview like “Tell me about yourself?” or advise on “How to introduce yourself?” Keep the following things in mind to crack the one. Many times interviewer ask this open ended question tell me about yourself! This allows interviewer to understand about you and your achievements […]

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How to write Job Application Email
How To Write Job Application Email

 How To Write Job Application Email When you send a job application email, it’s very important that your email should be in professional manner and short and crisp and clear. Before hiring manager looks your resume he reads your an email which will make him/her curious to open your resume with enthusiastically. Because job application email creates good impression about your in your job application email is written in a profession manner. While writing Email […]

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