Difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae

Some of people think the Resume and Curriculum Vitae are same, but exactly not like that they both have huge difference. In this article we are going to tell about that major difference between Resume & Curriculum Vitae. This article clears your all doubts and queries. The major difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae is that the size, format, content and others for example:

The CV is long, covers your entire career and it is static

The Resume is short and no particular format rule and this highly customised than CV

Curriculum Vitae (CV):

Difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae

CV is record of your academic and professional achievements. A CV is often a longer document that goes into detail where a Resume doesn’t


Difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae

A Resume is a document (which contain 1/2 pages) that show your work experience, education, and skills so that you can apply for a job. And Resume is specially for educational purposes.

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Major Difference Between Resume and Curriculum Vitae

ResumeCurriculum Vitae
1.The word Resume is derived from the French word Resume which means to sum up.The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is derived from Latin which means course of life.
2.Resume is one or two pages in lengthThe CV is no limit for pages.
3.There are 3 types to write Resume and that Resume can be Reverse Chronological, Combination or Functional.As far as CV is concerned, It should use always be in a Chronological order.
4.A Resume should be short which consist only those skills which are necessary for mentioned or which we are applying the specific job.The CV consists of all the list of whole career history and all academic achievements.
5.A Resume should highlight :A CV should highlight :
• Educational Qualification• Educational Qualification
• Academic Achievements• Academic Achievements
• Extracurricular Activities• Skills And Tools
• Internship Experiences• RESEARCH EXPERIENCE
• Hobby And Interest
6.Where to use : A Resume is used when you apply for business, industry and nonprofit job.What is it used for : The CV is often used to apply for an academic job, research position, Graduate school and fellowship, or scholarship.

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