Competency Mapping Services

Competency Mapping Services:

Accord Consultants, not only serving as placement consultants but also specialized in Competency Mapping. On an organization’s behalf, we assess the key competencies that are involved in different process viz., job evaluation, training, recruitment etc. We emphasize in on defining competency as a behavior that is inclusive of communication & leadership.
Competency mapping services Consultancies
Backbone of our Competency Mapping Service: -

  1. We conduct a thorough analysis of job position in which position information questionnaire (PIQ) is prepared in consultation with high ranking officials. On the basis of developed PIQ, the officials are facilitated to conduct one-on-one interviews.
  2. The results of the analysis help officials to develop a competency based job description.
  3. The then obtained competency based job description clears the way to map the competencies within existing human resources processes. On the basis of factors, achieved in competency evaluation, you can evaluate the performance. The competencies will help you achieve results more objectively.
  4. On basis of competency evaluable, you can assess the need of further training and development. For a job position, you can design training modules so that better result can be achieved on way of organizational goals.
  5. Mapping and formalizing the identified respective role set based competencies for respective roles. This would be done purely in consultation with Steering committee/Management. Viz. Basic competencies, Intermediate competencies, advance competencies and expert competencies and phantom workers.

We also provides Manpower Recruitment, Overseas Jobs, Online Educational Courses, Career Guidance and many others.