Competency Mapping Agencies in India

Competency Mapping Agencies

We are fastest growing competency mapping agencies in Pune India providing services from last 10 years. We are the market leader, we are delivering service in IT-Non IT sector. Accord Consultants, not only serving as placement consultants but also specialized in Competency Mapping.

What is Competency Mapping?

The process of identifying key attributes and skills for each position and profess within the company is called competency mapping; it has great importance in any organization, Competency mapping plays an important role in selecting retaining and recruiting the best people.

When the competency required for a particular position is mapped, then an accurate jip profile is created. With this, the job profile is designed and make and distinct job profile. The entire recruitment process is more comfortable with this. The people who apply for the position is aware of what the position demands and what they need to say. The person who interviews the candidate is sure of what to look for in him. This increases the chances of retention as the new employee and the company exactly know what to expect to form each other, Too often ambiguity about the roles desired by the company and the expectations that carried by the newly joined employee is a cause of disappointment for both the employee and employer after the employee joins the company.

The Competency mapping as an exercise is expensive. It involves investment in terms of money, time, and effort. This requires the backing of the top class management — the Clarity which is necessary for matters of organizational goals and strategies and core competency.

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The process of identifying key attributes and skills for each position and profess within the company is called competency mapping

No standard competency mapping process will work in all situations and all companies. The Experts in the field suggest that each company must develop a model that is unique to itself. This model must come in mind its customers, strategy, and goals, in the split of the investment involved, a competency mapping exercises that are well done in the great asset for the company.

The human resources policy which is founded on competency is considered to be the best HP polity, almost all the activities of the HR department such as recruitment, Training, and appraisal are made more effective and meaningful at the time when they are based on a concrete and comprehensive competency mapping. At the time when a new employee has entered the organization, It is natural for all the employees to want to ascent the corporate leader, The skill and qualities required for each position in the hierarchy is clearly defied employees who seek growth are aware of what is expected for the new employee, This process enables the employees to align their efforts in the direction of the company’s requirement, It also brings a degree of transparency to the whole process and motivate the workers.

Benefits of a Competency-Based System for organization

  • It beneficial for Increases internal employee mobility, providing the organization with grander ability scale and flex as needed
  • It builds Establishes a framework for constructive feedback by management at scheduled training and performance appraisal intervals and Clarifies job standards for performance appraisals
  • It will help to Outlines employee development and promotional paths within the organization
  • It is essential to ensure Ensures that organization-funded training and professional development activities are cost-effective, goal-oriented and productive
  • It will help employees to achieve a high level of competence efficiently and It will Records the employee’s acquisition of the skills, knowledge, safety and other procedures relating to each task
  • Reduces cost overruns caused by poor performance or miscommunication of job expectations and Improves communication between employee and management

Now, let’s understand the benefits of a competency-based system for the employees.

Benefits of a Competency-Based System for Employees

  • It will help to Offers a reference resource for day-to-day requirements and also beneficial Increases the potential for job satisfaction.
  • It will ensure that individual professional development and training milestones are recorded and acknowledged by the organization and also helpful in Provides a mechanism for the recognition of employees’abilities
  • It will be beneficial to Sets clear performance expectations for employees, enabling them to make better decisions and work more effectively and I will also help in gives employees insight into the overall strategy of their team, department, and organization, leading to higher engagement and motivation
  • Competency mapping enables employees to be more proactive beyond their roles, by learning additional competencies that are valued by the organization, Provides clear direction for discovering new and highly paid job skills

Now you will understand how important and beneficial it is.

We are the market leader; We are delivering services in IT-Non IT sector. Accord Consultants focuses on Client satisfaction to achieve this we follow the strategy like to understand the Client requirement, job profile requirement, and candidate requirement and then to serve those resumes to the company.