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How To Write Resume, tips on how to write resume

How To Write Resume

We will help you for most of the people write good resume but they did not get jobs and they fails interview, why….? Is there resume is not strong or full of mistakes. After studying all non selected resumes we found that some students made mistakes. Now we are going to tell how to write resume that will get you interview. Along with the Cover letter your resume is also one of the most important…
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How To Write Cover Letter For Resume?

How To Write Cover Letter For Resume

Thinking how to write a cover letter for resume! A cover letter accomplishes itself in a single page aims to add focus to your resume. Make sure you have made it as a part of your resume. A cover letter tells the hiring manager of what position you are seeking for and how well you are qualified for that. Some hiring managers sincerely consider the resume if it is not accompanied with a cover letter.…
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Top Placement Consultants in India

Top Placement Consultants

Top Placement Consultants in India: People used to search in google as placement consultants in India, and according to google results they find the list of consultants which are many times managed by other paid websites and SEO. But I believe top placement consultants services are not matter of listing or doing SEO it is the matter of providing satisfactory services and with quality and consistency. Accord Consultants is also one of the Fastest growing…
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